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Company Philosophy

“A company is a group of individuals working to realize a dream.”

Message from the President

Thank you for taking time to visit our homepage.
Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972 as a manufacturer of electrical equipment in the city of Ageo in Saitama Prefecture. We have grown with our region as we have responded to our customers’ needs.
We procure an array of components and process sheet metal products in our factory, assembling electrical equipment from start to finish.
At Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd., we assemble products that range in size from those that fit in the palm of a hand to those up to two meters in length. This electrical equipment uses a variety of control equipment, including commercial electrical products with no drive systems, belts, chains, actuators (hydraulic and motor-driven), relays, timers, and sequencers. We can help customers with everything from one-off prototypes to mass production of hundreds of units, and we often handle high-mix, low-volume production for our customers.
In addition, we procure a wide variety of components, and can help our customers with component sales alone, or even the manufacture of semi-finished products. We carry the inventory required by our customers and can provide parts necessary for sudden maintenance needs.
We will continue to provide the finest products, a commitment that is the foundation of the manufacturing industry, and to do so, we will always take on new challenges and continue innovating in response to change.
The two characters “nichi” and “ko” that make up the first part of our company name mean “day” and “happiness”, respectively. Together they form “daily happiness.” On a daily basis, we at Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd, think about what we need to do as a company to make our employees, their families, our suppliers, and our customers happy. We strive to manufacture products that are emblematic of the gratitude we feel towards everyone.
We will continue to work to earn the trust of all our partners, employees and customers and focus even more on safety and the environment so that we can fulfill our societal responsibilities.
We are fully aware that the progress of our society is closely tied to the progress of its companies, and it is in this sense that we are committed to expanding our business.

Kobayashi Kenji
Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Company Overview

Company Name Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Established May 1972
Number of Employees 25
Capital 36 million yen
Company Representative Kobayashi Kenji
Address Nakabun 1-227-1, Ageo-shi, Saitama-ken 362-0067
Services Electric equipment manufacturing, precision sheet metal processing, and sheet metal processing

Affiliate Companies

Company Name Nikko Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
Established December 1990
Number of Employees 30
Capital 20 million yen
Company Representative Nishida Koji
Address Nakabun 1-227-1, Ageo-shi, Saitama-ken 362-0067
Services Precision sheet metal processing, sheet metal processing, and electric equipment manufacturing

Locations -- Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. / Nikko Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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Nakabun 1-227-1, Ageo-shi, Saitama-ken / Tel: +81-48-781-0250 / Fax: +81-48-780-1095

Company History

May 1972 “Ageo Denshi Kogyo,” the predecessor to Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. was formed and began assembly and procurement of power supply converters.
August 1972 Began manufacture of electric cable terminals and sales of electric cable.
March 1973: Began manufacture of commercial and industrial humidifiers.
April 1974 Joined the Ageo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
April 1977 Reorganized as a corporation, changing its name to Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. with capital of 3 million yen.
July 1979 New corporate offices completed; corporate headquarters moved to Nakabun 1 in Ageo.
April 1980 Capital increased to 12 million yen.
April 1983 Established R&D laboratory.
February 1987 Began manufacture of specialized telephone equipment for NTT as an OEM.
December 1987 Expanded headquarters factory.
February 1988 Built new Imaizumi Factory.
April 1989 Expanded Imaizumi Factory.
October 1989 Increased capital to 24 million yen.
March, 1990 Established X-Works Co., Ltd. as an affiliate company with capital of 6 million yen.
November 1995 Increased capital of X-Works Co., Ltd. to 10 million yen.
August 1996 Began sales of vehicle guidance systems for traffic control.
September 1997 Recognized by governor of Saitama Prefecture according to the Creative Business Activities Act for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses.
September 1997 Recognized by governor of Saitama Prefecture according to the Hiring Management Improvement Promotion Act.
March 1998 Increased capital to 36 million yen.
December 1998 X-Works Co., Ltd. began operation of precision sheet metal factory.
June 2000 Received ISO9001 certification (certification number: JMAQA-681).
November 2002 Acquired patent related to road signage.
April 2003 Renewed ISO9001 certification according to 2000 standard (certification number: JMAQA-681).
December 2003 Opened materials center.
March 2005 Opened Koshikiya Factory.
February 2007 Received certification for management innovation plan.
February 2007 Began construction of new factory in Nakabun, Ageo-shi.
August 2007 Changed name of X-Works Co, Ltd. to Nikko Precision Industry Co, Ltd.
September 2007 New office building completed and moved to current location.
December 2007 Registered as “Saitama Prefecture Childcare Support Declaration Company” by Saitama Prefecture governor.
July 2008 Expanded ISO9001 certification scope, adding Nikko Precision Industry to certification.
(Scope includes headquarters factory of Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. and Nikko Precision Industry Co., Ltd.)
June 2009 Renewed ISO9001 certification according to 2008 standard (certification number: JMAQA-681).
February 2010 Began work on control system to manage chemical substances in products.
May 2010: Implemented fluorescent x-ray inspection equipment (SEA1000A II manufactured by SII Nano Technology).
September 2010 Received “Irodori no Kuni Midori no Plan” (‘Colorful Country, Green Plan’) award from the governor of Saitama Prefecture for the company’s green office building.
July 2011 Kobayashi Kenji appointed as President.