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Let Us Be Your Procurement, Manufacturing, and Assembly Divisions

Characteristics of a Partnership with Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Meeting Your Short Delivery Needs

As your materials division, Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. will store inventory and can therefore quickly manufacture in case of sudden changes in delivery dates without wasting time on parts procurement.
Approximately one-third of our factory space is dedicated to material inventory, and we always maintain an inventory of parts and semi-finished products so that we can supply products as and when necessary.
Our entire parts’ inventory is databased, and our forecast management helps us prevent inventory shortfalls so we can maintain a stable and assured supply.
Furthermore, we constantly work with approximately eighty suppliers and more than two hundred partner companies. Optimizing our parts procurement process contributes to cost reduction in addition to shorter lead times.

Stable Management

Since being founded in 1972, Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. has always prioritized relationships with our partners.
We have focused on stability within our internal management so that we can build stable, long-term relationships.
In addition to securing sufficient capital, we also focus on securing high-quality personnel. Our employees range from veterans to new recruits, and we work for long-term stability in our management.
In addition, we have successfully established our stable production capacity by utilizing our internal factories as well as partner factories.

Manufacturing From a Single Unit On Up

Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. can respond to your one-off prototype requirements as well as mass production needs.
When creating prototypes, our engineers are dedicated to your project and are organized into prototype project teams.

High-Mix, Low-Volume Production Capability

At Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd., our specialty is high-mix, low-volume production with tight lead times.
We manage each individual production chart and have multiple production lines that allow for rapid, flexible changeovers. We can maintain steady production during changeovers through our shared procedure manuals.
We determine a control standard for each process and strictly adhere to that standard.
We have built a production system through which we can respond to short lead times even with small lots composed of dozens of product types in varying dimensions. Even should you make sudden changes to order quantities and lead times, we can keep up and won’t let you down.

From Procurement to Inspection and Shipping, Our Integrated Manufacturing System Meets Your Expectations

Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. can procure a variety of components as well as meet your green procurement standards.
In addition to having an abundance of our own equipment, we maintain good relationships with many partner companies and can perform specialized surface treatments and processing on a variety of materials.
Furthermore, in addition to our equipment processing technology for precision sheet metal processing, we have the ability to design and manufacture sequential and electrical circuits. This enables us to work with customers from the product design phase so we can make suggestions that reduce costs and optimize production.
We strive to understand and share your philosophy regarding quality during assembly and inspection, and we have built a reliable quality management system.
Our experienced workers ensure that they get their jobs done appropriately and without error.
We are located in Ageo-shi within Saitama Prefecture, an area with few natural disasters and good weather all year round, which is perfect for distribution. At Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd., we have a fast and stable fulfillment system with multiple deliveries each day.

Reasonable Production Costs to Keep You Happy

We aggregate orders across multiple customers and purchase materials and components in bulk so that we can reduce the cost of small lot production.
In addition, we continually work with approximately eighty vendors and more than two hundred partner companies so we can ensure procurement from our vendors at the lowest cost.
Further, we always strive to rationalize our production through automation. We can even develop our own manufacturing equipment as and when necessary.
At Nikko Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd., we have a strong focus on kaizen so that we can meet our company’s needs with regard to cost.